Two months later: Getting over that Super Bowl


It wasn’t possible. No really, it was not possible. It could not happen. The Falcons basically were Super Bowl champions.

The biggest comeback in Super Bowl history were ten points. New England Patriots and Tom Brady needed to score 25 points in 17 minutes, while shutting down the red-hot Atlanta offense. That simply is not possible. But then again, it was Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.




How the hell did it happen, you might ask. My answer is, I don’t know. So many things had to go wrong for the Falcons to lose. The Edelman catch. The two 2-point conversions. The turnovers. The Falcons decision to try to throw the ball in field goal range. I mean, they had it. They could’ve just taken a knee three times, and kicked a field goal. Boom. Super Bowl champions. Instead they try to throw, Ryan gets sacked, and New England backs them out of field goal range. And the coin toss in overtime… But, after all that going wrong, there’s no way that coin toss was 50/50. That coin was always going to show heads. In my head, the Patriots had won the game when they tied it. The overtime rules is just awful when so much being on the line, but that’s a discussion for another time.

“If I could go back in time, I would still pick the Falcons.”

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I’m still amazed by how these four bets didn’t win. Atlanta should’ve won, and Ryan would’ve had the MVP. LaGarrette Blount (the #1 Patriots RB) didn’t score a TD, but the Patriots #3 RB James White scored three. You can’t make this shit up.

It still stings, two months later. As you might know, I had the Falcons straight up and +3,5 points (and Matt Ryan MVP), so I felt pretty great almost all night. The Falcons came out firing, and they out-played the Patriots for three quarters. They were the best team. The fact that the +3,5 handicap also lost is so freakishly unbelievable. This might seem weird, but if you picked the Patriots -3,5, you picked wrong. You won, but you picked wrong. I can’t even imagine being on that side of this game. You must feel like the luckiest guy on earth. And you know what? If I could go back in time, knowing the result from the game, I would still pick the Falcons.

After a season where margins were going against me every Sunday, this loss really had me laughing. It was just so freaking typical. Being the last game of the season, it’s hard to deal with. You want to get right back up on that horse, but your next chance is September. So you have to deal with that loss for seven months, without any chance of showing you’re better than this. That’s why I have been picking up some other sports with my new unit system, and being on the lucky side at the Oscars (go Moonlight) helped… a little.

Still, I will never forget this game, and in a few years I’ll probably think back on it and smile because it was a great fucking game. But not yet. Not for many months. I will use this loss, this feeling, to prepare extra hard for the 2017 season. I will do even more research, I will analyze my bets even deeper, and I will pick smarter. “28-3” will be my motivation. Next season, there will be no Edelman catch. There will be no double 2-point conversions, or Dont’a Hightower strip sacks. The Falcons will kick that field goal.

The coin will show tails.

Next season is our season.

– Mattis Holt