How to break down a basketball players rating

It’s not about the greatest season, or if a player had a hot run in 2015. It’s about which player is the best, and most complete overall basketball player at this moment in time.

Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs)

More weight on offence than defence. I believe that somewhere in the region of a 60/40 split is correct. Then we have the unexplainable factors, the star power, the fear factor, leadership etc. This to make sure we cover every angle. Also the parts of the game that isn’t “just” offense or defence.
In the blog post I will go into more detail explaining and breaking down what every category contains. Headers are:


  1. Long distance shooting (3s and long 2s)
  2. Close to the basket (driving, dunking, postups, finishing around the rim etc)
  3. Assist
  4. Controlling the game
  5. Unstoppable move
  6. Ability to handle pressure and double teams


  1. Man to man guarding
  2. Flexibility and switching
  3. Defensive leadership
  4. Protecting the paint or the perimeter


  1. Teammate
  2. Leader
  3. X-factor

    Durant Curry
    Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Basket Regards,

Magnus Barstad

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