MLS is getting more popular in the betting world

When you look past your go to bets for The Prem, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Eredivisie, A-League etc you may then find yourself looking at MLS and thinking; «can you make money off this crap?»


Major League Soccer is growing on the whole, people are getting more interested in it due to many different factors, ranging from:

  1. Legends
    David Beckham, one of many legends to visit the MLS

    David Beckham went there to LA Galaxy when he still had the legs to play top European Football. A real statement signing for MLS.

  2. For comedy aspects:
    Refereeing, fan chants and ex pros still trying to make it, makes everything more exciting. Come on! I love Pirlo too, like really love him. But the 2017 season has left him behind, he’s sat on the bench and New York City look way better without him.
  3. Americans are getting more and more into ‘soccer’.
    Attendance records are broken near on every season. Just look below at the 2016 average attendances around the world:

    Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 17.44.25
    Yep. MLS pulled in bigger crowds than Serie A and Ligue 1 in 2016. See it’s true they are getting more into it.
  4. Vadim-Demidov
    Demidovs spell at Minnesota Utd has been a nightmare. This image might be the only time he had a decent touch of the ball

    Some peoples favourite players are in MLS (cough cough) or some Scandinavians play there that people like to see how they get on.

    Poor Demidov, didn’t quite work out for him at Minnesota United.

  5. Some quality players play in the league
    Lets not lie and say the league is filled with quality, it’s just not. But they do have some really good players playing in MLS who tend to terrorise the league.

    Piatti and Giovinco are two of the players that gives MLS some edge and attraction
  6. Betting
    Now this is where it gets interesting for several reason.
    a) MLS produces goals, there is no easy win but if you know the teams to bet on they tend to have open matches. Attackers tend to be the better players on most teams, the designated players and the ones that are higher profiled names.b) A few experts out there making good money on MLS, people that know the sport, followed it for years and genuinely love it tend to do very well.c) The league is on when there is no more football bet on.
    It runs throughout the summer (all summer) so its a good one to follow when you miss the betting and football vibe at home in your pants with a beer. You know you love doing that you lazy sod!

So MLS, it’s not for everyone, it gets some serious stick off people but what other league can you say “Anyone can win it, every year”?

Well, I bloody love it.

– Jonny