Trygve Røed’s 2016/17 Betting Review

It’s time to review my betting numbers and graphs for the season that has past.

Skjermbilde 2017-06-07 kl. 13.39.53


Here’s my numbers which represent my betting total for this year’s Serie A season.

Of course, one will never be satisfied, but profit is profit. I’ve to admit I’m not entirely pleased with the result, but that’s mainly because of the slow start.

I didn’t really pick up the pasta pace until we arrived at this side of 2017, as the graph below shows.

Skjermbilde 2017-06-07 kl. 13.40.07

Quite unstable the first part of the season as you can see, but come January and February 2017 and until present, the pasta betting has made me a happier man. I’ll continue to work during the summer to ensure that we get off to a better start once the pasta is al dente and the Serie A season starts again in August. I’ll also try to cover the Italian football as much as I’m able to during the off-season, what goes for transfers, the Gli Azzurri etc.

Skjermbilde 2017-06-07 kl. 13.40.54

My numbers for this betting season as a whole, not just Serie A, look like this.

My ROI is a little bit lower than with the numbers purely based on the Serie A numbers, but the volume is not far from the double of it, though. All in all, a decent year of betting is now behind us, more or less I’d say. With that said, I’ll never settle for this. The grind will continue, and the next year will consist of even finer pasta results I hope.

If you’ve any sort of enquiries about the Serie A, betting, pasta – yes whatever – hit me up @TrygveRoeed on that social media of Twittah.