Four must-have players on Fantasy Premier League

Picking your fantasy team are one of the most difficult things you do during the year. Stop pulling your hair. We have a few tips for you.

Your head is probably spinning with questions right now. Gabriel Jesus or Sergio Agüero? James Milner og Marcos Alonso?  Lukaku? Kane? Fantasy football can be a bitch sometimes. We’ve had some help from the Norwegian podcast Fantasyrådet, and this is the four players we believe is a must-own on Fantasy.

Kevin De Bruyne, £10.0 mill


«KDPå» as the Fantasyrådet-boys say in the podcast. Kevin De Bruyne gotta be on your team. At £10.0 mill., he’s not as expensive as he should. The Belgian only scored six goals last season, but had the most assists with 21. With 11 clean sheets and 33 bonus points as well, the Manchester City player accounted for 199 fantasy points – more than any other player on the team. The rotation is a problem with Pep Guardiola’s team, but Kevin De Bruyne probably has most secure spot. He can potentially be the Premier League Player of the Year this season, and if you want to be in the top, KDB is a must-have on your team.

Willian, £7.0 mill

An attacking Chelsea player is pretty much something you got to have on your team. Eden Hazard is injured, and out until September. There’s no more Diego Costa. Alvaro Morata is a new signing, and that’s always dangerous in Fantasy. Pedro is good, but Willian is priced cheaper at £7.0 mill. That’s way to low for one of the most exciting players on Stamford Bridge. Willian scored eight goals and had three assists in 2016/17 – but he only played 1534 minutes. He will get way more this year, if he doesn’t get injured.


Tom Carroll, £4.5 mill

£4.5 million. If Sigurdsson leaves, that’s a freaking steal. He’s pretty much guaranteed to start every game, and his attacking mind set makes him a desirable fantasy player. If Sigurdsson is sold, Carroll is probably also on set pieces. He’s one of the cheapest players on the entire game, and that will free up space for players like Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane.

John Stones, £5.5 mill

We know, we know… Everybody wanted John Stones last year, and he failed miserably. And, he’s more expensive this year too. So why do you need to have him? Well, last year, Manchester City had one of the worst goalies in the league, but still managed some clean sheets. We expect the clean sheets to at least double with Ederson as their new goal keeper. Stones isn’t the goal scorer on your team, but he is the cheaper, smarter option in the Manchester City defense.

Have those four guys on your team, and you will be fighting up there with the best.

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