ValueWins Goes Live!

You know those boring early Sunday mornings, just waiting around for the first games to start? Well, no more! It’s an honor to present ValueLive.


ValueLive is a unique preview show focusing on sports & betting. A panel of four takes you through what you need to know about the most important and exciting games of the day, and we’ll hand out some juicy freebets from on the go as well.


Mattis Holt will be the show host, and the three remaining panel members will be ValueWins experts and/or knowledgeable guests. Depending on who’s on the panel, the show will either be presented in Norwegian or English.

The premiere goes live this Sunday October 1st at 12:00 CEST. This is a beautiful day for sports and football. In the Norwegian Eliteserien, we have one of the biggest games of the season with No. 1 Rosenborg vs No. 2 Sarpsborg 08. In the Premier League, we have both Arsenal and Liverpool in action. In Italy, there’s a treat called Milan vs Roma. And you know what? We have a few BLNO games too – so you’ll get the latest from basket guru Magnus Barstad. A great day for sports – tune in at noon!

ValueLive – Sunday 01.10.17 – 12:00