Juve, Spurs, Dembélé and the Champions League preview.

Pretty stoked for tonight’s match where Juventus will be taking on Tottenham for the first leg in the round of 16 in this season’s Champions League. I’ll try to keep it short, just a few thoughts about the game at the Allianz Stadium 20:45 CEST.


Yes, I know we’ll be having some mouthwatering match-ups, such as Real Madrid – PSG and Chelsea – Barcelona, but from a tactical point of view, I’m perhaps more excited to see what Allegri and Pochettino can bring to the table. Maybe it’s my Calcio biased heart who speaks, but I definitely got a soft spot for the Argentine manager of Spurs as well.

PochAdd to the fact that my favourite player in the Prem most likely will be dancing around doing his thing – breaking lines with the ball in his feet, protecting the ball like few others are capable of, spreading the play with his delicious left foot, and so on. Oh, and yes, he also possesses, without a doubt, a pair of the most dangerous thighs in the footballing world. Just an unreal creature this Mousa Dembélé.


Ok, so now I’ve come clean about my fascination for the finest player Belgium and Prem has to offer (don’t even bother to argue against me).

It’s thus time to put out there what I’m expecting for this first leg. Both Dybala and Matuidi will miss this match. You won’t need 10,000 hours of Italian football in the bank to conclude with Juventus being weakened attacking wise with La Joya missing out. Matuidi though, he has really slotted nicely into the Turin outfit as Allegri has experimented with a 4-3-3 formation, so his absentee isn’t to be overlooked either.

Dybala Both teams are coming into this match, doing quite well lately, if I’m allowed to be that assertive. Juventus are on a silly and idiotic run with their last loss coming in mid-November and Spurs, on their side, last got defeated in mid-December (by Manchester City)…

Trying to wrap this up; I’m not going to put out all the stats and numbers to you, but Pochettino and his men have approached the Champions League in a counter-attack minded way. Juventus will obviously be aware of this and it would’ve been semi-disastrous for La Vecchia Signora to let this Spurs team take back home an away goal (or more) to London.

With all that said, I could see this be a careful(?) approach by both teams to begin with at least. I may be wrong, but that’s my thoughts on the game. Either way, how this will play out, I think this match is worth paying attention to.

Couple of bets placed as well, in line with my arguments above:





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