Zlatan – Made for LA

Zlatan the movie, wouldn’t be so bad would it? Get it done Hollywood.

To put it in simple terms, this is a huge signing. For me he is the tied in 2nd place as the biggest signing in MLS history.
1. David Beckham
2. Thierry Henry/ Zlatan
3. Giovinco
Special mention to Landon Donovan who I feel carried MLS for years, but I wasn’t sure where to place him. Maybe a list of his own?

Now, when I talk about a big signing I don’t mean how good they will be but I am talking about the whole package that comes along.
Q. So what do we get with Zlatan?
A. Everything.

Talent, tricks, skill, touch, strength, finishing masterclass, funny interviews, shirt sales, bums on seats, controversy, goals, assists and much more.

One of the biggest names and biggest talents in football history (yes he is/was that good). He will no doubt help put MLS on the map a bit where people might not really of followed it before. I think with Zlatan coming to MLS there will be a spike in interest to see how he does. Even if it is just the Swedes and Man U fans curious about the transfer or how a legend of the game progresses, that’s enough to raise intrigue for a season or two.

Forget how good he is? Check out this video:
Zlatan best goals

I feel like 3 years ago this would be a bigger story for a few reasons. Obviously Zlatan being 36 years old comes to MLS at a time where the league is making BIG changes. The league is getting younger and when clubs sign a pro at the end of their careers it is analysed 1 billion times over these days. Do they still have it? How many season left in the legs? Wasn’t there a young player who could be signed instead?

Excuse me!

I personally believe he has two good years in him and will quite easily reach a goal point (Goal or assist) a game if he stays fit. That is the only question mark for me though, how his previous injuries will effect him.
Make no mistake though, there is not many players that look after their bodies like Zlatan does, some people don’t know that. He is a model pro these days. When you are at the end of your career and more mature you just know time is ticking, nothing motivates you more as a footballer.
When we think about Zlatan we haven’t ever mentioned pace which is a great thing for someone who is 36 and still wanting to play. He has never relied on pace as one of his key strengths. Of course he was sharper when he was younger but his thought process in the box and ability to get space is still a big important factor on why I think he will take to the league straight away. If Zlatan can link up with midfield and get into the area he will clean up in this league as this is where he is at his best.
Get the god damn ball at his feet, on his head, his shoulder, his back, his knee etc etc and he will do the rest.

His feel for the ball is what separates the man, combined with world class finishing.

Lets take a look at two top MLS defenders and see how they stack up against Zlatan:

Zlatan Ibrahimović
6ft 4
LA Galaxy 
I rate Zlatan.
Chris Mavinga
6ft 1
Toronto FC
A dominant defender who has both pace and strength. For me probably the best in the league at the moment.

Ike Opara
6ft 2
Sporting Kansas City
Ike was a huge performer last year and a big reason why the back line for Kansas was like a rock through 2017. A player who has pace, strength and athleticism.

It is an easy statement to make but of those two example players I can’t see either of them handling Zlatan in the box. Zlatan is stronger, smarter and more experienced than both of them combined. Both have pace over him of course which will help out in some plays but not enough for the full 90.

I really look forward to seeing how Zlatan does, how many minutes he can clock up and also goal points of course.

I am not going to place any bets on Zlatan over the season due to his injury worries but if he does stay fit I predict the following:
29 games left to play in the regular season.
He plays 19 games with 70+ mins
15 goals
7 assists

Will he be Galaxies top scorer?
No. Ola Kamara gets that.
2.00 in odds on Unibet.
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 17.15.58

In true Zlatan style he is available to play in the biggest game of LA Galaxy’s season. Join me (not literally) in watching the huge game that is LA Galaxy v high flying new comers LAFC this Saturday night 31st March at 21:00 CEST.
MLS Live is free until Spring so get an account and a VPN, the coverage is pretty good and a lot of games are shown.
Link to MLS Live

Enjoy and hit me up on Twitter. Or don’t, whatever.

WRITTEN BY havingajonny, MLS Tipster.

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