Mattis Holt’s 2018 2–round NFL Mock Draft: Browns Lands a Brand New Offense

How many quarterbacks will go in the first round? Who will be the first wide receiver off the board? Mattis Holt has the answers in his annual mock draft.

The NFL draft is kicking off in Dallas April 26th. ValueWins writer and NFL enthusiast Mattis Holt has been covering the draft the last three years, and has a fair hit rate on his mock drafts. This year, he’s doing his annual 2-round mock for ValueWins.

1. Cleveland Browns: QB Sam Darnold

I’ve been on the Darnold wave this entire draft process, and I’m not changing that now. I call bullshit on the Josh Allen rumors, and I can’t see them passing on a quarterback. Josh Rosen might actually be a more pro-ready signal caller, but Darnold has a higher upside. The most Andrew Luck-like QB in the draft gets to be the one to turn the Cleveland franchise around.

2. New York Giants: RB Saquon Barkley

If I were the Giants, I’d trade out of this spot. Either just bluff the Jets to move up one spot, or get the Broncos to jump. But, if they really want Barkley, they can’t move past Cleveland. I can’t see a trade with the Dolphins or the Bills, as the no. 11 and 12 pick is too low to get a premium player for the Giants. But let’s say they stay put – and pick the best player on the board, Saquon Barkley. Barkley is a complete running back that will take pressure off Eli Manning, bail the awful O-line out with his extreme agility, and also make the defense stack the box – leaving less people to cover Odell Beckham Jr. This is the smart pick.

3. New York Jets: QB Baker Mayfield

The Jets paid a lot to move up three spots, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind they did that for a quarterback. Anything else would be extremely stupid. Question is, which quarterback? As mentioned, Josh Rosen is the most pro-ready of the bunch, but they might like the arm-talent of Josh Allen or the swagger of Baker Mayfield better. I didn’t think I was gonna pull politics into this, but Josh Rosen has been very vocal against Donald Trump. The New York Jets owner (Woody Johnson) is Trump’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Doesn’t sound like a fit. Then it’s Allen or Mayfield – I’d take Baker over the Wyoming kid any day of the week, and I think the Jets will too. There was a lot of reports that Baker did really good in his combine interviews – and the Jets decided to make the move up to pick no. 3 a few days after the combine. Coincidence? I doubt it.

4. Cleveland Browns: OG Quenton Nelson

Browns has their franchise quarterback locked down, and now they get to protect him with the best offensive lineman in the draft. Quenton Nelson is a powerful player with quickness and awareness to do a lot on one play. He’s a fantastic run blocker who will help Carlos Hyde, and/or a rookie running back, but he’ll definitely help out a scramble-happy Sam Darnold also.

5. Denver Broncos: QB Josh Rosen

This is a tough one, because the Broncos can go quarterback. They can also trade the pick. If the Bills offer their two 1st-rounders for this pick, I don’t think you can say no if you are the Broncos. But, if Josh Rosen slides to five, do you really want to trade out? I don’t think so. Case Keenum is only a short-term solution, and Josh Rosen could be the next John Elway/Peyton Manning in Denver. Yes, the Broncos president is also a republican, and a part of the Bush family, but at least Trump isn’t his boss.

6. Indianapolis Colts: DE Bradley Chubb

Bradley Chubb was the name that was mocked to the Colts in every mock draft early in the draft season, when they were spotted at pick no. 3. They traded out of that spot – maybe because they didn’t like Chubb that much? Anyhow, he still falls to them at number six, and if they stay put, he’ll be the pick. I won’t be surprised if they trade down again though, as someone might break the bank for Josh Allen.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: S Minkah Fitzpatrick

The same goes for the Bucs. They will get offers from teams who want to go get a QB, but the Buccaneers have too many holes not to take a defensive back like Minkah Fitzpatrick. The buzz around the former Alabama DB has quiet down a bit, but he is still the best defensive back in the class – and it’s not even close. His versatility makes him a vital piece to any defense, and he can fill all spots in the secondary. With Grimes and Hargreaves at corner, Minkah will own the middle of the field, and make the Buccaneers defense a force to be reckoned with in 2018.

8. Chicago Bears: S Derwin James

I think the chances of the Bears moving down are extremely big. They need a player to help their young quarterback out, and it is simply no value for a wide receiver or tight end at pick no. 8. Quenton Nelson is also gone in this scenario, and drafting one of the tackles top ten is also a reach. If they stay put, I think they must draft the greatest athlete on the board – Derwin James. He’s not as versatile as Minkah Fitzpatrick, but his measurements and combine numbers makes you drool. An alpha male to fix the Chicago defense.

9. San Francisco 49ers: LB Roquan Smith

The same apply for the 49ers. They need to give Jimmy Garoppolo weapons, but not at no. 9. Reuben Foster will probably never be on a football field again, and the Niners gets to replace him with another fast and furious linebacker from the south. Roquan Smith is a feisty player with a never-ending motor. Tremaine Edmunds might have a higher roof, but he might need a bit more time to reach the NFL level. 49ers is in win-now mode. Offense can wait.

10. Oakland Raiders: LB Tremaine Edmunds

At this point, the Buffalo Bills are pounding the phone trying to jump above the Dolphins to be sure they get their quarterback ahead of Miami. And the Oakland is going to take that deal, but this is a no-trade mock draft, so here’s what’s gonna happen if the Bills phone doesn’t work on draft day. Jon Gruden is forming his team like it’s still 1999, and Tremaine Edmunds looks like an old-time great. He’s a monster on two feet, and he’s only 19 years old. A player with 10+ years in the league, and perfect for the up-and-coming Raiders.

11. Miami Dolphins: DT Da’Ron Payne

But hey – they don’t go quarterback! I think Ryan Tannehill is their guy for at least one more year. If they do good this year – players like Tyrod Taylor, Nick Foles and Teddy Bridgewater is set to be free agents next season, and can be cheap signings to eventually be Tannehill’s successor. If they suck this season – then you can get a QB in the draft next year. Josh Allen is not better than Ryan Tannehill, and not worth the pick when you can get an explosive run stopper like Da’Ron Payne. The former Bama DT also has pass rushing ability, and can potentially be a better player for the Dolphins than Suh was.

12. Buffalo Bills: QB Josh Allen

So they do get a quarterback. I personally would consider Lamar Jackson over Josh Allen, but after disrespecting Tyrod Taylor like they did last season, I can’t see them picking a quarterback similar to Taylor’s skill set. Josh Allen has an amazing arm, is used to playing in bad weather, and can develop into a great quarterback. Bills better pray their coaching staff is better with this rookie quarterback, than their last…

13. Washington Redskins: OG Isaiah Wynn

The Redskins has a new quarterback under center, a guy that likes to run a bit more than Kirk Cousins did. That calls for a run blocker. I didn’t think I’d see the draft where two guards are taken before any tackles, but the Redskins has showed that they aren’t afraid of picking guards early in the draft. It paid out with Scherff, and I think it will with Wynn as well. If you don’t look at size, Wynn is the perfect O-line prospect. Size does matter though, which means he falls to 13, but Wynn will complete that O-line, and get Alex Smith ton of time to do his thing.

14. Green Bay Packers: WR Courtland Sutton

The Packers got rid of Jordy Nelson, and now lacks a true no. 1 wide receiver. Jimmy Graham definitely helps, but Aaron Rodgers needs more. He needs that guy that can go up above the rim, and bring down footballs outside. That guy is Courtland Sutton, and pick 14 isn’t way too high for him.

15. Arizona Cardinals: WR Calvin Ridley

Another team that needs wide receivers, and I think the Sutton pick triggers them to get a wide out as well. Ridley fits what the Cardinals want their receivers to do, as he can get open with routes and speed. Ridley didn’t produce extreme numbers at Alabama, but he was open on almost every play. Get him a QB that trusts him to get open, and Ridley could become a star. Bradford’s best years hasn’t been with tall, rangy receiver, but rather with quick WRs who knows how to get open. That’s Ridley.

16. Baltimore Ravens: WR Anthony Miller

Three in a row? Why not. And the Ravens might’ve gotten the best of the three. Miller is an electric athlete with huge hands and and fast breaks, that broke every receiving record at Memphis. His one-handers are similar to what Odell Beckham Jr has been doing in the NFL, and Miller has the potential to become a wide receiver of that caliber. SuperStar in the making.

17. Los Angeles Chargers: DT Vita Vea

This pick just makes too much sense for the Chargers. Stick a big body between the quick Bosa and Ingram, and no one will be able to stop the Chargers D-line. He’s not at all a pass rusher, but he’s a player who eats space for breakfast, and you’ll have to put a few bodies on him to stop him. That will leave Ingram or Bosa 1-on-1, and hello sacks.

18. Seattle Seahawks: CB Josh Jackson

Talk about perfect fit. Josh Jackson is the tallest top tier corner in the class, and Seattle values size with their corners. If he falls in their lap, they’ll be holding on to their draft pick for what feels like the first time in a decade. And they get Richard Sherman’s successor.

19. Dallas Cowboys: CB Jaire Alexander

With three receivers gone, the Cowboys must look elsewhere, and hope to find receiver value in the later rounds. Alexander might just be the best cornerback in the class, and Dallas will be happy to get him this late in the 1st round. The Louisville corner has excellent instincts and plays very smooth. He’ll instantly make the secondary, and the entire Dallas defense, better.


20. Detroit Lions: TE Mike Gesicki

This is where the 2nd running back can go, but I think most teams feel like they can get a premium running back in the 2nd round instead. The tight end position isn’t as deep, and if you want a great receiving TE in this draft, you need to take him early. Mike Gesicki blew the roof off Lucas Oil Stadium with his combine testing, and those insane numbers gets him drafted in the top 20. A big body for Stafford, who hasn’t had a target like Gesicki since Megatron retired.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: QB Lamar Jackson

HELLO. The Andy Dalton project never really worked, and now it’s time to give the ball to the explosive Lamar Jackson. With Jackson and Mixon, Bengals has one of the most exciting young offenses in the league. The former Louisville QB should probably sit behind Dalton this season, but I won’t be surprised if we get to see him in some wild cat formations off the bench. 2019 is his year under center, though.

22. Buffalo Bills: OT Mike McGlinchey

Bills got their quarterback with their first pick, and now they get to protect him with the best offensive tackle in the draft. After losing three of their starting O-linemen, McGlinchey brings some needed power to the line. Despite being 25 years old in his rookie year, the Notre Dame product has the potential to be the left tackle in Buffalo for many, many years.

23. New England Patriots: CB Denzel Ward

They traded Brandin Cooks for this pick, and probably won’t use it to draft a receiver. At least not when the top three options are gone. Replacing Malcolm Butler might be a good idea though. Denzel Ward is small, but crazy fast. His technique is also very, very good, and he sounds like a player Belichick would enjoy coaching. He might have to play slot, but Patriots need help there as well. Tackle can wait, for now.

24. Carolina Panthers: DE Harold Landry

Here, but not further. The Carolina Panthers desperately needs to get younger on the edges, and Harold Landry is one of the best pass rushers in the draft. I have some questions about his durability, but the quality and athleticism is definitely there.

25. Tennessee Titans: LB Leighton Vander Esch

The Titans has very few big holes, but could definitely upgrade their linebacker group. Leighton Vander Esch brings size and speed, and simply looks like an NFL player. The false medical rumors sucks, but I trust it won’t let him slide. Titans gets their final piece of the puzzle on defense.

26. Atlanta Falcons: DT Taven Bryan

Falcons need pass rush, and they need interior players on the D-line. With Taven Bryan, they get both. The Florida product is 6-4 and weighs 291 lbs. He moves extremely well for his size, and I think he only will get better in the pro’s, where QBs doesn’t escape the pocket before the play develops. Bryan could be the next JJ Watt if he adds some more pounds. Maybe not the perfect wit for a 4-3 defense, but I still think the Falcons would love to have a guy like Bryan on their team.

27. New Orleans Saints: DE Marcus Davenport

They were chasing Jimmy Graham in free agency, but couldn’t lure him back. With Mike Gesicki already gone, they might think about snagging a more complete tight end like Dallas Goedert or Hayden Hurst, but I feel like pass rush is a bigger need. Marcus Davenport is a raw pass rusher with size, speed and power. He must work on technique, but I trust the Saints know what they are doing.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: LB Rashaan Evans

The Steelers is set on offense – if Bell stays. A running back here would definitely make the Bell camp unhappy, and I doubt the Steelers will do it. For this pick, it’s either a versatile safety like Stanford’s Justin Reid, or a alpha dog linebacker like Alabama’s Rashaan Evans. I think the latter. Evans just feels like a Steeler, with his speed, power and untamed playing style.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: OT Connor Williams

The Jags are probably confused because they arent’t drafting in the top five, and actually have to put some work into their first round pick. Luckily, they get a fantastic player right in their lap. Connor Williams is a versatile tackle that can play on both sides, and also jump inside if needed. Jags could get gready, and draft defense again, but they know they don’t need it. Give Bortles and Fournette some room, and this team might go all the way this year.

30. Minnesota Vikings: OT Kolton Miller

I bet the Vikings are PG-13’ing in the draft room right about now, as Connor Williams would be perfect for them. Kolton Miller is next man up on the tackle list, and I think they do grab him ahead of a tackle-needing Patriots.

31. New England Patriots: OG Will Hernandez

They probably hate themselves for taking a corner with their first pick now. So, do you reach for a player like Orlando Brown, or Brian O’Neill here? I don’t think they can. They can, however, look at inside help on the O-line, and pick one of the best run blockers in the entire draft. Hernandez is build like a log of wood, and he is simply one tough SOB. His work ethic is excellent, and that sounds like a Bill Belichick player. Do your job.

32. Philadelphia Eagles: S Justin Reid

Running back? Why? With Jay Ajayi, Corey Clement, Wendell Smallwood and Donnell Pumphrey, their backfield is damn close to complete. They could look to add a similar player to Lagarrette Blount, but not until later in the draft (Bo Scarborough?). With almost no needs they can take the best player availible, and that is Justin Reid. His versatility makes him a great fit with the Eagles, as Reid would be an upgrade over both S Rodney McLeod and NCB Rasul Douglas.

33. Cleveland Browns: RB Derrius Guice

2nd round – here we go! The Browns got a quarterback and a guard with their first two picks, and now they can renovate the entire offense with a new running back. I know they signed Carlos Hyde from the 49ers, but the contract tells me he’s a short term solution. And younger is always better at the running back position. I’m personally not a huge fan of Guice, but he is only 20 years old, with a bunch of years in the league ahead of him.

34. New York Giants: C James Daniels

Saquon Barkley can help the Giants on his own, but it would definitely be helpful with some actual running lanes. James Daniels seems to be the consensus best center in the draft, and Giants can finally do something about the horrible O-line.

35. Cleveland Browns: TE Hayden Hurst

Quarterback, check. O-line help, check. Running back, check. What else do we need on offense? That’s right, tight end! David Njoku is a fantastic playmaker, but he’s not a very good blocker. The former baseball player Hayden Hurst could be that guy for Cleveland, and we will definitely see a few exciting 2TE sets with Njoku and Hurst.

36. Indianapolis Colts: WR Michael Gallup

The Colts pick back to back, and that always make it easier to pick a player you’re not super sure about. Gallup was amazing for Colorado State, and was the top rated receiver by PFF. Still, some question his size and speed in the NFL. I think Gallup will be a great, reliable wide out for Andrew Luck. The way he tracks the ball is absolutely fantastic.

37. Indianapolis Colts: C/OG Billy Price

The O-line is still an issue in Indy. They are set at center though, with Ryan Kelly. Billy Price is a center, but can also play guard. He’ll have to do that for the Colts, but he’s still better than the guards they have.

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneeers: RB Nick Chubb

Defense was the priority in the first round. In the 2nd, they can lock down Doug Martin’s replacement. Nick Chubb might be the back from this years draft teams will look back at, think «why the hell did we pass on him?». His skill set and running style is very similar to last years NFL rushing leader Kareem Hunt. Chubb powers through contact, but has finesse moves to shake defenders in space as well. Instant starter for the Bucs.

39. Chicago Bears: DE Arden Key

Bears also went safety in the first, but they definitely don’t need a new running back. What they do need is pass rushers. Arden Key on the field is a first round player. His off the field-trouble makes him a second round player, but he should still produce from Day 1 in Chicago.

40. Denver Broncos: OT Brian O’Neill

So Josh Rosen is a Bronco. Rosen has been injury prone during his days at UCLA, and it didn’t help that he played behind one of the worst lines in college football. Denver need to protect him as soon as possible, and Brian O’Neill tested really well at the combine. He should be able to step in at right tackle, and Rosen should be a little bit safer.

41. Oakland Raiders: S Ronnie Harrison

Jon Gruden’s first draft pick with the Raiders in 1998 was Charles Woodson. Let’s see if he can hit again with Ronnie Harrison. The former Bama safety is very similar to Woodson. They are about the same size (6-2, 210 lbs), and they’re both great athletes with excellent ball skills. Harrison might not be as versatile as the former wide receiver Woodson, but he sure can help out the Raiders secondary. He can fill both safety position, and will make great pair with Karl Joseph.

42. Miami Dolphins: CB Isaiah Oliver

With a replacement for Suh already in place, Dolphins can snag another corner for their secondary. Oliver has the size and speed, but might lack instincts to be a great NFL player. Time will tell, but the Dolphins anyhow get a good athlete at the position.

43. New England Patriots: QB Mason Rudolph

The draft media wanted them to take this quarterback already in the first round. I think they wait, and get their backup in the 2nd. The left tackle position is screaming for help, but any of the tackles left would be a reach at this point. Rudolph is a raw arm talent, and will benefit sitting behind an all-time great like Tom Brady for at least a few years.

44. Washington Redskins: RB Rashaad Penny

Redskins guarded up in the first round. Now they can find the guy to benefit from that guard. Rashaad Penny was the NCAA rushing leader in 2017, and runs with surprising speed and agility. He would fit great into that Redskins backfield, as he won’t need to do any pass protection right away. Give him a year to learn that, and should be their RB1 for several years to come.

45. Green Bay Packers: CB Donte Jackson

The Packers also need running back help, but I believe in Ty Montgomery, and I think they do too. Instead, they go secondary. They have struggled with giving up big plays, and Donte Jackson is a defensive back who never loses track of his man in coverage. He has insane speed, and the hips to mirror and follow anybody. He is a little too handsy though, which is why he drops to the 2nd round.

46. Cincinnati Bengals: LB Malik Jefferson

Bengals showed their hands with their 1st round pick: They are rebuilding. That’s why they go as young as possible with the 46th pick, and at the same time replace a player that only has been trouble for the team. The 21 year old Malik Jefferson is a bit similar to Burfict, but without the off field stuff. Jefferson is a height, weight, speed prospect that should fit well in a 4-3 defense as a weakside linebacker.

47. Arizona Cardinals: CB Mike Hughes

The Cardinals could consider drafting a quarterback in the 2nd round, but I think they can get a serviceable backup/potential QB for the future later. They don’t necessarily need to replace the Honey Badger, as they pretty much did that with Budda Baker last year, but they do need to get better in the secondary. Mike Hughes is a name that has picked up some steam in the draft process, but he lacks some of the traits you see with the other top corner prospects. Still, Hughes is a good pick at no. 47.

48. Los Angeles Chargers: S Jessie Bates

D-line is definitely set with the Vita Vea pick in the 1st round. They are another team that will be looking for a backup quarterback this year, but getting a decent safety is a higher priority. The Wake Forest product Jessie Bates has nice size for the position, and showed at the combine that he can run as well.

49. Indianapolis Colts: TE Dallas Goedert

They got Eric Ebron in free agency, but should still look after a young upside tight end in the draft. Dallas Goedert is a bit unproven, and it didn’t help that he injured himself during the Senior Bowl practices, but he still shows some promising traits on tape. He tracks the ball like a wide receiver, and could easily become Andrew Luck’s favorite target very early in his career.

50. Dallas Cowboys: WR DJ Chark

The Cowboys has an obvious need at wide receiver after letting Dez Bryant go. Allen Hurns could become something, but they would really benefit from having a speed guy like DJ Chark. I didn’t always like what I saw on tape, but he could flourish with a good quarterback like Dak Prescott.

51. Detroit Lions: RB Sony Michel

The fans are screaming for the Lions to draft a running back, and they do in the 2nd round. Sony Michel has a similar build to last year’s sensation Alvin Kamara, but Michel is even more explosive and electric on tape. His balance is epic, and he pass protects like a pro. It’ll be a toss-up between him and former team mate Chubb on who’s gonna have the most yards this season.

52. Baltimore Ravens: LB Shaquem Griffin

The Ravens got the best wide receiver in the 1st round. In the 2nd, they get the best story of the draft. The Ravens need to get faster on defense, and Shaquem Griffin is most definitely fast. His 4.38 40-time is the fastest by a linebacker ever recorded. Despite missing a hand, he was a force to be reckoned with for the undefeated UCF this year. He plays with a never ending motor, and the work ethic will motivate that entire locker room. And pick 52 is not too early for him. Best player available.

53. Buffalo Bills: OG Austin Corbett

QB, check. LT, check. Bills need more help on the O-line though. Austin Corbett is a big guard out of Nevada. Not a great athlete, but a solid player on the O-line.

54. Kansas City Chiefs: CB Carlton Davis

And finally the Chiefs get to draft. After sending Marcus Peters to LA, they have a big need at corner. The top tier guys are gone, but Auburn’s Carlton Davis might be just as good as the players picked before him. He has the size NFL teams like, and ran a decent 4.53 40 yard dash. He has ball skills, but his tiny hands might prevent him from coming up with a lot of picks in the pro’s.

55. Carolina Panthers: S Marcus Allen

I gave them a pass rusher in the 1st round, and now they can look to their secondary. They still lack a leader in the back end of the field, and Penn State’s Marcus Allen is that leader. He plays with passion, and wants to wreck every guy he tackles. That will lead to some fly by tackles, but his team mates will love his style.

56. Buffalo Bills: RB Kerryon Johnson

How long are they gonna hold on to Shady? They got rid of everything else, so I can’t see them giving McCoy another contract. He’s also 30 years old next season, the «drop off» age for running backs. The Auburn RB Kerryon Johnson is the perfect pick for the Bills. His receiving and pass pro skills makes him a great 3rd down back this year, and then he can take over the RB1 spot after Shady leaves. He’s a versatile, patient runner with Le’Veon Bell type potential.

57. Tennessee Titans: DE Josh Sweat

It’s actually hard to find a position of need for the Titans, especially after drafing a LB with their 1st pick. An edge rusher would be the logical pick though. Josh Sweat shows glimpses of brilliance, but his reaction time really made him look bad on tape. If that was in fact something Florida State asked him to do, he could be a steal in the 2nd round, and make an instant impact for Tennessee.

58. Atlanta Falcons: WR Christian Kirk

A year ago, the Falcons had one of the most interesting receiving corps in the league. Now, not so much. A slot receiver like Christian Kirk would help them out drastically, and give Matt Ryan a reliable target in the middle of the field. Kirk is an expert at getting open, and his reaction time is elite.

59. San Francisco 49ers: WR James Washington

I wanted to give them a wide receiver in the first round, but I figured that was a bit too early. At pick no. 59, they can still get a very good wide out. James Washington is build like a running back, and plays with a physical style. His roof is Steve Smith Sr., and he has the potential to be an early fan favorite in the Bay Area.

60. Pittsburgh Steelers: RB Ronald Jones II

Not in the 1st, but I can’t see them passing on a running back in the 2nd. It all depends on what Le’Veon Bell decides to do under the franchise tag, but the Steelers must have a Plan B. That plan could be Adrian Peterson – or it can be Ronald Jones II. RoJo is a nasty runner who drags defenders after him. He also has the quickness to shake defenders in space, and only had 2 fumbles on 591 attempts at USC. He’s not quite Bell though, as Jones will rather slam into tackles, than be patient waiting for lanes to open.

61. Jacksonville Jaguars: DT Harrison Phillips

The middle linebacker spot needs an upgrade, but it’s really hard to find value at this point. They might just go best player available, and pick a solid dude like Harrison Phillips. A smart player out of Stanford.

62. Minnesota Vikings: LB Jerome Baker

Another team with few roster holes, at least after addressing the tackle spot in the 1st round. The only player I can see an immediate upgrade for here is the WLB Ben Gedeon. I think Baker could step in with his range and speed, and make the Vikings defense even better.

63. New England Patriots: OT Orlando Brown

Belichick probably smiled when he saw Brown’s combine numbers. A great college player slides all the way to pick 63, and the Patriots has their new left tackle.

64. Cleveland Browns: DE Sam Hubbard

After going offense with their first four picks, it’s time to draft defense. Sam Hubbard has already fallen too far, and Browns get a solid pass rusher with the last pick in the 2nd round. He’ll be a good piece across from Myles Garrett on the D-line.

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