Expert of the Month for April – trygverøed

Introducing our first Tipster of the month and Serie A/Italian Football expert trygverøed.

Trygve April Stats:
115 Bets placed
+21.9% ROI
+98 Units

He’s in red hot form so we catch up with him for a bit of Q&A.

Q.  Was there a particular bet that stood out as a highlight in April?

A.  Hard to pick out a single bet as I think overall, those matches we were on the right side with, did pay off extremely well. It’s hard to pick out one bet, but I think I called both the under HT and draw FT in Lazio – Roma quite well, and of course the Juventus lines in the CL away to Real Madrid.

Q. Can you give any tips to anyone looking at getting into one league to make themselves money? What does it take to know a league well and become an expert?

A. Getting to know a league is quite easy, as that’s just to watch and cover as many matches, news etc. as possible. It all comes down to the time you’re willing to dedicate. Of course specific league knowledge is fundamental to earn money over a longer period, but it’s also about how you perceive the different matches, form, line-ups, motivation in the light of the prices offered by the bookies. My way into the Serie A betting all began with the weird and passionate interest for Italian football. Once that passion and interest turned into knowledge, I started to keep an eye on the prices pre-match and made up my own opinion if that was correct price or not and argued to myself. After a while when those value judgments turn out to be more good than bad, I understood that this was perhaps something to go on with.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 23.19.03trygveroeed_png

Trgverøed stats this year on Italian Football.

Q. Where do you feel you did the best and what can you improve on going forwards?

A. I definitely did best in the 1×2/asian lines and cards market. Everybody has room for improvement and my over/under picks isn’t at that level I want it to be, even though I did quite good there in April. That is also something I’ve been focusing extra on lately, and will continue dedicating time and thoughts to going forwards.

Q. Whats your favourite pasta dish?

A. Haha, favourite pasta dish. That’s a tough one. All too tough I think. Favourite pasta gotta be the tagliatelle, but I’m standing between picking the Tagliatelle alla Bolognese or the Tagliatelle alla Genovese. I just can’t pick one. I’ll have both. Right now.


You can follow all of trygverøed bets on as he closes out the season in Serie A.