Expert of the World Cup June/July – Playmaker

We caught up with our expert Playmaker who had a great return from the World Cup.

Playmaker World Cup Stats:
136 Bets Placed
+82.43 Units
+20.13 ROI

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We asked him some questions which we hope will help a few people and give an insight into the mind of the guy who grinds, grinds and grinds.

Q. You had a great World Cup, what was your process in choosing the early picks?

A. The process was divided into 2-3 “stages” as per usual. Of course, the biggest advantage will always be the work you do before the tourney starts. Watching a lot of football!! Then you already know the players, managers, and how they play etc. I don’t take the friendlies before the WC into consideration cause that’s just warming up.  I start looking at the squads, how the groups are, and do my own “Fantasy world cup”. From that I can see how I think things will unfold in the WC, and thats the biggest lead for the “long time tourney bets”. Then you start seeing all the games, and you look into the lineups for players that maybe have a different role, compared to their normal role in their club. Bookies normally just go by stats, and therefore you could find “Hidden gems” in smaller markets such as “Player card & Player shot on goal”.

Q Any tips for someone else to do the same?

A. Then its all about setting your own % , and grindin for the best odds. Some books will void not-starters, and then its all about layin the best bets before odds drops. My main tip will be to watch as much footie as you can.

Q. Do you have any great memories from the World Cup? Which one stands out the most for you and why ?

A. Of course my best memory will be my own trip to Kaliningrad & Croatia-Nigeria. But football-wise I would say that the overall memory will be that it was a good WC all around. I liked Belgiums offensive style, the grind of France, that Russia itself came far, and that all the “Big”stars like CR7, Messi, Neymar were gone before it even started. And yes, I think that VAR was a success.

Q. Any bet that stands out for you this tournament?

A. I think that my bet on Panama to concede most @ 18 was a specially good read. A lot of the Player shot on goal’s bets around 2,5-3,0 went in as well, and that shows that you can beat the bookies by doing the work before it starts.

Q. Can you take any learning points into the next big international tournament?

A. The biggest learning point is that I yet again see that everything can happen, and that the best bets is still lying there right in front of you if you read up, and grind for it! I also see that yet again, my personal way of doing it (Lots of bets, probably more than a lot of people) is the best one for me. It may not give the biggest ROI, but the total units made will be bigger in the end.

Q. What can we expect from you heading into the next month?

A. July/August will of course be the big month for Europa League/Champions League qualifiers & the big leagues that start in August. In addition to that you will probably see some scandinavian football, some MMA, and my normal live-grinds! Then its all hockey again from September!



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